During your stay at Les Chambres Guesthouse enjoy lounging by the heated pool during (September - April), sit on the front patio and be memorized by our beautiful garden.

Should you like to relax even more, make use of our Mobile Spa it is a luxury traveling spa that provides spa treatments to our clients in the calm and comfort of their own surroundings right here at Les Chambers. People normally visit the spa to relax and unwind and de-stress. With our city’s roads more congested than ever before, traveling to and from the spa is anything but relaxing. The major advantage of making use of our new traveling spa is that they do the traveling and the client gets to do the relaxing.


At Les Chambres Guesthouse we always pride ourselves, in giving our guests a better experience so in the coming months we will be looking in adding a few extras for our guests to enjoy!!

New Bar Facility

Snacks and platters in the evenings

New breakfast menu

Cocktail Hour (Always a must after a long day)

Keep your eyes open for the exciting new changes.